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Chat, code, enjoy your favorite music and radio broadcasts
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Everything you ever wanted in one place, secure and simplified. Imagine an instant messenger and all the basic tools you ever use on your personal computer gathered all in one mini interface easy and portable as a smart phone and without the need of installations at any pc.Simple as that.Carry this multi-software at any flash disk like a mobile and use all your data and your very basic needed tools at any pc anytime, anywhere.Enjoy your favorite music, radio broadcasts and movies with the embed players while you are chating, coding or reading with the embed code and text editor or while doing other stuff on your personal computer.Many tools and services offline and online are waiting for you such as instant messenger, callendar, alarms, contacts list, passwords and bookmarks manager, games, music and movies manager, movie, music and e-radio player, text-code reader and editor, torrent client, ftp client and many other tools with more to come.The easiest one-click system you will ever see on a multi-software ever and it will stay that way.All services and tools are free and free will remain, no ads, no paid services and tools.

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